The end of my days as a blogger.


A lack of readers for my blogs has forced me to cut back what I write, and to limit my blog to my page on Disqus

I don’t see the point in continuing to post to multiple sites when nobody reads what is going on. So, the bottom line here is the readers killed my blogs, not to worry you have plenty to read on other blogs.


It isn’t brain surgery.

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Over the last two or three years, as my e-book sales have crashed; I found the best way to get readers for my blogs is to use the magic word. No, not please, or thank you, but FREE.

By adding free to the title, I’ll attract readers like ants to honey.

Another proof of this is that the only e-books that have “sold” on Draft2Digital in this period are the free ones I give out.

On Holy ground.


If you read my posts, you’ll know that I am not overly religious, or trying to push religion on you.

There is something about churches that fascinates me when I enter one I can sense a calm that I never feel anywhere else. Whether it is because of the building being a church or not I haven’t been able to realize as yet, perhaps it could be because I sense another presence in the building. One that is all powerful.

I have wondered if I should have been a Padre since my days in the RAF when I got sent on a course to Andover, Hampshire. People have often said that I would make a good counselor, as I can empathize with the problems of other people well.

I can say with certainty that I admire the men who built the church in the days before Health and Safety rules.

There is nothing ahead other than self-publishing for me, if I continue.


Harlequin turned me down, they said my romance was too non-confrontational for their taste.
At least they didn’t ask me to put money on the table for nothing.
As an unknown quantity, my only hope is self-publishing.
Yesterday, I did think about rewriting some of the older stories using the techniques I have learned since I wrote the books years ago.

I also considered bringing out some of the ghost stories I wrote in an anthology, closing of two main series and starting my story Shandra over.

There are many options for stories to continue, I was asked if I would consider expanding my story “Ghosts don’t talk.”